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Posted by RallyEngine - 02 May, 2017

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On April 26th, RallyEngine successfully conducted the second of two simulation exercises as part of its one-year "community capacity" test project in High River, Alberta.

Called "Our High River Rallies High Capacity", the event was a follow up to last November's exciting Mystery on Mainstreet event at which citizens converged in downtown High River to work together as teams to solve a fun scavenger hunt.


High Capacity was a smaller, indoor event to simulate how community group leaders could use the RallyEngine-powered Our High River app to rally (via RealTime) and task (via TaskBoard) their respective volunteers. The exercise began with basic Canada 150 planning but morphed to activate the community in support of a major Cascadia earthquake.  


The scenario simulation was facilitated by Desiree Matel-Anderson, Chief Wrangler at Field Innovation Team. She was joined by FIT members Marlita Reddy-Hjelmfelt (Santa Fe), Ramona McVicker (Edmonton), Laura Calo (San Antonio), and Marcus Mueller (Calgary). [FIT also uses RallyEngine to deploy its eclectic surge roster.]


The event leveraged High Riverites' experience in dealing with a major disaster – the 2013 Flood – and lessons of their extraordinary resilience due to it. This exercise positioned them not as victims but rather as volunteer management savvy survivors. Citizens building community. Community building citizens.


High River's high capacity is the sort of expertise that Resilient Cities, Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), and Citizen Corp movements thrive on. By providing nimble tools to volunteers and volunteer groups, they can play more meaningful and connected roles when something goes awry. Enhanced community capacity means stronger resiliency.


This community capacity project is part of a contract between RallyEngine and the Government of Canada, as part of the Build in Canada Innovation ProgramThe Honourable Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, formally announced the contract in Calgary on October 28, 2016.

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