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Did Corporate Calgary Learn Its Lesson from the Flood? Maybe Not

Ipsos Reid study identifies critical gaps in corporate emergency response plans Calgary, AB - Calgary organizations are at-risk with their emergency response plans (ERP) ...

Profit and Purpose in Lockstep

The crowd at last Thursday's excellent Canadian Business Leadership Forum in Toronto was an interestesting generational mix. Roughly half of the large ballroom's tables ...

3 Funny Videos on Herding Cats (literally!)

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  • 24.09.2013
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For your Friday viewing pleasure, here are a few cat herding classics. Enjoy!

What's Happened Since You Last Updated Your Emergency Response Plan?

Keeping a business continuity plan updated can be very important in case it needs to be put into action at a moment's notice. How that plan holds up though as a result ...

The Success of SaaS for Companies Large and Small

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  • 04.09.2013
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Large organizations, by their very nature, have more people, resources, and processes to manage. Simplicity is at once desirable yet elusive for larger companies. ...

6 of the World's Most Important Natural Disaster Alert Systems

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  • 29.08.2013
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Some of the biggest natural disaster alert systems found around the world have been put in place because of a prior tragedy, or the likelihood for a major ...

Navigating the Gatekeepers of Corporate Communications

Gatekeepers are essential to effective corporate communications, but there are times when the system needs to be streamlined. Gatekeepers are put in place to control the ...

Geo-location Apps and 9 Other Big Trends in Mobile Today

Its a mobile world indeed, and its growing more so everyday. Smartphones. Tablets. Mini-tablets. In every airport, lobby or coffee shop it is very apparent that the ...

Event Management and Organizing an Army of Volunteers

There truly is no "I" in team - or in event management staff, for that matter. This means that everyone must work closely together in unison toward accomplishing the ...