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The Single Most Important Thing We Can Learn from the Ottawa Lockdown

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  • 27.10.2014
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Last Wednesday's events in Ottawa – the deadly shooting of a soldier at the War Memorial, the violent showdown with the shooter inside Centre Block of Canada's ...

What is Resilience?

The concept of resilience is key to both organizations and disaster relief efforts. Resilience, or resiliency, is an organization's ability to react to events, predict ...

Why You Don't Need a Mass, Social, or Command Centre Alerting System

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  • 15.08.2014
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It’s generally recognized these days that there are better, more efficient, and more targeted ways to alert and inform dispersed people (colleagues, employees, ...

Business Continuity Lessons from the Moncton and Boston Manhunts

Last week in Moncton, New Brunswick, a 24-year-old gunman went on a rampage shooting five RCMP officers, killing three of them and severely injuring the other two. The ...

RICkrolled by the Radio Industrial Complex

If you're not familiar with the internet meme known as rickrolling, start here. 

Have You Ever Wondered How the Crisis Spokesperson Knew to Get to the ...

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  • 31.01.2014
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Did Corporate Calgary Learn Its Lesson from the Flood? Maybe Not

Ipsos Reid study identifies critical gaps in corporate emergency response plans Calgary, AB - Calgary organizations are at-risk with their emergency response plans (ERP) ...

The Essential Evolution of Internal Communications

Next to eating and procreating, the oldest, most fundamental aspect of being human is probably finding a way to let other humans know something important or even just ...

A Brief History of the Call-Tree

Remember when in order to contact someone they actually had to be at home or work? These days you can't even find a pay phone if you try! But once upon a time (really, ...