HelpLine & TipLine

For urgent assistance and incident reporting

Inbound alerting and informing ...

HelpLine provides a quick-call for emergency assistance, while TipLine makes it easy to submit witnessed info and images.

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A finger on the pulse of your people ...

A good situational dashboard is, well, a dashboard of situations. If someone onsite calls 911, Security or Office Managers should be alerted of it and informed of its location. Doing so may even accelerate the response time.

Likewise, if members notice things that could be problematic or dangerous – like falling ice, vandalism, or suspicious activity – administrators can more effectively address such matters if they're provided tips, photos, or video of them.

HelpLine and TipLine cover both urgent and important incidents, and provide a helpful and inclusive mobile connection for stakeholders.


Users can quickly gain assistance or report an issue if a crisis occurs, right from their smartphone.


Maintain user confidence with secure access, fully encrypted data, and private personal information.


HelpLine & TipLine work anywhere there’s an internet connection – in the office or in the field – ensuring safety in all areas of the organization.


Seconds can mean everything in emergency situations. HelpLine & TipLine are accessible from any page, ensuring quick response if a crisis occurs.
HelpLine & TipLine
HelpLine / TipLine

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