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SafeSpace empowers survivors of sexual assault with an accessible and confidential reporting system; one that protects actionable evidence and also helps prevent repeat perpetrators. Now available! 

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Sexual violence is unfortunately still a big problem – on campus, in the workplace, and in society generally. And there is still much that organizations – from universities to law enforcement – can do to handle it better. 

But let's start by empowering the survivors. Let's give them a self-managed space to draft, edit at their own pace, and confidentially submit incident reports. And let's identify organizational trends that prevent repeat perpetrators from, well, repeating.

SafeSpace is a secure environment where disclosure can be made if and when a survivor feels comfortable doing so, and where reporting authorities have better evidence to work with when such reports are made.


SafeSpace enables users to quickly report sexual assaults – saving time-stamped records of all incidents and allowing victims to provide as much or as little information as they feel comfortable.


Administrators can easily use SafeSpace to securely channel reports to select internal and third-party investigators – ensuring victim information remains protected.


SafeSpace uses matching technology to identify key similarities or perpetrators – enabling authorities to be better informed of incident report trends.


SafeSpace is confidential – allowing users to easily leave the RallyEngine platform through in-app menus and enabling all reports to remain in escrow.

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