For working and studying alone

Stay safe when working alone ...

SoloSafe is a web-based check-in, check-out system for dispersed organizations.

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One is no longer the loneliest number ...

From field workers to desk staff, students to store clerks, real estate agents to researchers – more and more people are working alone or in isolated areas. This makes them especially vulnerable to health issues, assault, or simple accidents that require assistance. 

SoloSafe is a mobile and web-based service for end-users to check in and out, letting administrators know where they are, how long they expect to be there, and if something may have gone awry.

Combined with RallyEngine's core SurgeRoster and RealTime functions and location-based services, organizations can more easily alert lone workers or solo studiers and more efficiently muster the nearest or best-equipped responders. 


SoloSafe content is seamlessly sync’d on mobile and desktop platforms – enabling users to easily alternate between desktop and mobile.


SoloSafe uses geo-fencing technology to provide precise positioning of each user and alerts administrators once individuals leave their designated location.


SoloSafe allows individuals to easily access emergency contact information, keep in touch with safety professionals, and stay aware of their surroundings.


SoloSafe greatly enhances administrators’ ability to alert individuals of issues and provide updated emergency response procedures in a simple format.

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