SurgeRoster & RealTime

For contact lists and efficient alerting

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RallyEngine's core. SurgeRoster is an actionable contact list and RealTime is contextual news feeds. 

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In some organizations, up to 98% of people have smartphones. And most carry it with them everywhere. There are two secrets to harnessing mobile well:

1. Mobile may be ubiquitous but it isn't mass. Sure, alerts to everybody may be needed occasionally but more often notifications just need to go to certain groups.

2. Alerting is just the start. It's what happens after an alert that's even more important. Rally key groups or those with specific skills or whereabouts. And keep people informed with ongoing, non-alert updates.


Increase stakeholder usability with filters based on date or relevance of posts – allowing users to easily scroll through all past updates on the news feed.


Whether a small group or large institution, news feeds are available for all segmented teams – allowing administrators to send private information to specific groups or alert the community on a larger scale.


With day-to-day life becoming increasingly busier mobile updates can easily be missed – RealTime posts will never go unnoticed with push notifications available for critical or time sensitive updates.


Grab users attention using RealTime posts highlighted with images, maps, links, and rich text content.
SurgeRoster & RealTime

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Every organization is different. RallyEngine offers the right mix of core functionality and a la carte add-ons.