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Volunteers can do amazing things ...

TaskBoard is a community capacity module for engaging citizens and managing spontaneous volunteers.

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Recognizing the emergence in emergency ...

There are generally two types of volunteers: affiliated and unaffiliated. Engaged citizens and spontaneous volunteers. Both have traditionally been neglected but both can be tremendously helpful – especially during disaster situations.

Every community's volunteers and volunteer organizations – including CERT groups – have essential local knowledge, not to mention proximity. And when a community is affected, social media tends to draw external (and virtual) spontaneous volunteers – dispersed and disparately-skilled people who want to contribute.

In both cases, the key is to provide them tools to self-organize around actually-useful, non make-work tasks.


Efficiently match people (particularly volunteers) with tasks that fit with their skills, location, and resources.


TaskBoard can easily be used for day-to-day operations or can be nimbly repurposed for crisis situations.


TaskBoard filters tasks based on users' personal profiles (age, certifications, skills, etc.) – encouraging participation and maintaining a simple dashboard interaction.


TaskBoard helps administrators ensure that tasks are efficiently organized, delegated based on importance, and validated when completed.

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